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Would you or anyone you know like to receive Absent Healing channelled by The Healing and Peace Group?

How to Receive Absent Healing

Many patients have reported a betterment of their symptoms when in receipt of Absent Healing.

As outlined in the Absent Healing notes, channels simply connect up to the Source and ask that patients should receive from the white light such colours and levels of vibration as are appropriate for their well being at this time.

Absent Healing is energy channelled from the Source in accordance with need. For this reason we do not need to know the condition or diagnosis of the person whose name is registered on the Healing List.

Absent Healing also works on animals, and can be beneficially channelled to any situation, personal, family, organisational or planetary.

We have included the letters we normally send out to those wishing to receive Absent Healing.

The PDF file below can be downloaded to create six Absent Healing Cards. See letter for use.

To place a name on the Absent Healing list contact us here.