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Maintaining Balance, Including Earthing

The Healing and Peace Group has always been committed to making what it has learned about Healing, Holistic Wellbeing and Peace accessible to all.

For this reason we have chosen to publish, unchanged, large parts of ‘Applying for a Miracle’, our BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations) approved training course for Healers on this website.

THE HEALING & PEACE GROUP: Applying for a Miracle

Chapter 3: Maintaining Balance, including Earthing.


If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,

And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;

If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet triumph and disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,

And stoop and build ‘em up with worn out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

To serve your turn long after they are gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

Except the Will which says to them “Hold on”,

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

Or walk with Kings nor loose the common touch;

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;

If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run-

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

And - which is more - you’ll be a Man, my son!

[Rudyard Kipling - The sentiment of this poem is none the less effective for having been written in what we might feel is a “less enlightened“age.]

THE HEALING & PEACE GROUP: Applying For A Miracle

Chapter 3: Maintaining Balance, including Earthing

The Mechanics of a Healthy Energy Connection

1. Earthing: Head in the air, Feet on the ground.

The Earth is our home, a living entity, with which we have a relationship of mutual support. It is said that, traditionally, those following Spiritual paths have looked upward to the Source, without recognising that there is a circle of Energy, which joins Heaven and Earth through the energy systems of the lifeforms resident on the planet. Earth and Heaven meet, potentially in Peace, in each of us individually.

It is natural for those channelling Healing energies to recognise the needs of the planet as of paramount importance, having begun in a century which was dominated by the parallel battles for her survival: the ‘Green’ Environmental concern, with its awareness of endangered species, and the Peace movement with its awareness of the human race’s infinite potential to self-destruct.

One can easily see how the need for mankind to recognise itself as an integral part of a greater whole has been expressed in the mainstream, in so called “mundane existence”. Everyone appears to agree that since we, humankind, evidently have the power to completely destroy both ourselves and the planet we must also have both the power and the responsibility to save Mother Earth.

The only question, negotiation and debate, both on a political, international level, and on a personal consciousness basis, is how to achieve the best possible potential future for our children and our children’s children.

It is no coincidence that the second Branch of The Healing & Peace Group, in (Gwynedd), was indirectly birthed out of the opportunity to organise the Complementary Therapies Tent at Criccieth Greenfayre in 1992. It seemed totally appropriate that the different aspects of nurturing, both human and environmental, should be brought together, in harmony, to make accessible both experience and information to all.

The Tent itself also reflected the drawing together of the parts into a working unity - with harmony, service, and mutual respect as common ground among our differences. Many therapies were represented and practised, and the space was constantly manned by Healers from across the Network: including The Healing & Peace Group, Manchester, ( and Gwynedd - though there were only two of us at that point – myself and Margaret Shakespeare, and only I had ever treated!) as well as several North Wales Spiritualist Churches.

Healers travelled, often at their own expense, treated a constant flow of patients in a sometimes-chilly tent, and then expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to meet together with other, surprisingly like-minded people.

The four day Healing event reflected in practice what The Healing & Peace Group had believed when setting up their first public appearance in Manchester - A Festival of Healing and Peace - that if all the aspects of helping the Earth (and us!) to become whole and healthy are integrated into a united Network, then the potential of the whole becomes, just as in Group work, infinitely greater than that of the parts.

What made the event special - and in my opinion possible! - however, was its date. Sunday, July 26th 1992 marked a Planetary Networking Event, which was called ‘The Timeshift’. For many years, I had been told in varying ways and by many people, that the Energy was focussed, like a pyramid, upwards, to the heavens, to the Light. That humankind was walking an upward path of evolution through the Chakra system to fulfil the first part of our potential as the conscious race; to be able to connect up to the Source, and become aware of the Natural Laws and responsibilities attached to our potential.

We knew that this process would gather speed as more and more individuals tuned in, until a point would be reached when this upward connection would be firmly in place, and The Energy would naturally turn its focus to manifestation, to the bringing down of the Light into our world.

The Timeshift was that point.

Not that human beings in very small numbers had not previously been capable of experiencing this energetic circular relationship; just that from this point forward, it became accessible to each and every one of us.

On the principle of as above, so below, we can imagine this as an energetic pyramid pointing down into the Earth, attached to the one above, merging to form a diamond - so that our inter-relationship with the Energies of both the Source and the Earth should become equally beneficial, and equally accessible.

Any harm to the part is harm to the whole. Any Healing to the part is Healing to the whole. And the Whole is, we believe, greater than we can conceive of. The earth and the heavens, female and male meet in each of us individually, there to be married together, creating balance and harmony along with a greater sense of integration.

The Healing & Peace Group had always taught Earthing as a means of ridding oneself and others of any unnecessary and inappropriate energies, acknowledging that the Earth could recycle them, transmuting and reusing according to need, whilst nourishing itself.

We are of the Earth.

Earth Energy vibrates at a lower frequency than Source Energy, and part o

f the Work done by the Channel is to tune the Energy down to a rate that is compatible with physical matter, the cells which make up our bodies.

(See THE CHAKRA SYSTEM Teaching Circle 9)

The more capable we are of allowing this process to occur, the better physical healing will be available.

Consequently, having renewed our Connections with both Source and Earth, we still and centre ourselves in our awareness of being part of a never-ending process of renewal and transformation.

Breathing in Love, Peace, Healing: breathing out Healing, Peace, Love.

“Going Live”

Occasionally Healers may experience sensations such as tingling of the hands, heat in solar plexus or ‘going blue electric’ (that’s what it feels like!)

This can be dealt with by laying hands, earthing, or ‘sending’ Absent Healing, as is appropriate to the situation.

2. Creative Visualisation: The Power of Thought

To test the effect of creative thought, simply imagine yourself sitting in the garden on a very hot day. You are getting very thirsty, when someone comes up and offers you a wedge of lemon.

Imagine biting into it.

Most people immediately feel their mouth watering - actual physical response with the release of saliva.

This principle is accessible to all for self-healing and self-balancing. Only a trained therapist, however, should actively do this with or on behalf of a patient, although obviously we may suggest that a patient considers doing this for him or herself. There are tapes available, for example, designed to harness this power of creative imagining to aid patients in anything from Fighting Cancer to Natural Childbirth.

As a point of interest, Matthew Manning, perhaps one of this generation’s most respected Healers, believes as a result of research, that male patients suffering from cancer respond better to using warlike imagery - seeing the good cells as knights on white chargers, for example, whilst female patients achieve better results from more gentle visualisations.

Practice Makes Perfect

Any ‘exercises’ that the Group recommends or communally practices from time to time are based on the awareness of the power of creative thought. This is, it would seem, both the blessing and the curse of being human - that which we invest our own energy in, through thought and emotion, we can indeed create.

This gives us Free Will - the right and responsibility to make choices.

We, the Healing & Peace Group, choose to allow the Energy to guide our actions, especially whilst actually channelling to an individual or situation. However, in accepting our individual responsibility to align our will to the Energy, we recognise that it is easier in the moment for the Energy to grant an awareness - ‘you/he/she/it - are/is not earthed’, than to continually issue detailed instructions.

So, if you ever feel that you/he/she/it  -  are/is not earthed - or if you are ever advised by a Healing Channel you trust that it might be worth Earthing - we include here some useful suggestions as to how you can use your creative self to help the situation.

Naturally you Connect Up and ask for (creatively visualise) protection first.

Earthing may also be described as balancing or centering - it’s what you do when, lost in your own thoughts, you suddenly say to yourself, "What time is it?” and remember where you are and what needs to be done. That same mental process (i.e. the feeling rather than the specific circumstance) is often the prelude to “Earthing”.

We talk about earthing the physical body and earthing the energetic body as two separate things, but in practice they are almost always two parts of the same process.

It’s good to bear in mind that it is difficult for most Healers to be too earthed, and that every time we actively ‘earth’, we participate in balancing ourselves and the Whole by improving our energetic relationship with the planet itself.

Earthing The Physical Body

This can be done in many ways; the following exercise is one that works very well for most people.

Begin by finding a centred relaxed posture  (as far as circumstances permit: many of us find lying down ideal, but sitting or standing – erect, but at ease - will do if this is not practical).

E x h a l e…

E x h a l e . . .  

I n h a l e . . .taking in a deep abdominal breath, and pause for a second to ensure that your body isn’t carrying any excess tension (e.g. make sure your shoulders aren’t scrunched up round your ears somewhere).

Simply let go of the breath, allowing the natural elasticity of the lungs and chest to expel the air. It’s just like letting the air out of a balloon, there’s no need to squeeze.

At the same time, Relax, and let go of any excess tension. That is, relax everything you can do without falling over (!), especially, shoulders, neck, small of back etc.

Earthing The Energetic Body

E x h a l e . . .  

Become aware of your energy system, tension, nervous tension, pain.

Inhale, visualising the incoming breath as Light or Healing Energy, which spreads out through the whole body, reaching right to the tips of the fingers and toes. Some people see it going out to the well-defined boundaries of the aura.

Let go of the breath, tension, nervous tension and pain.

Visualise it all passing out of the body down through the feet.  

The Earth transmutes this energy into positive energy (as plants transmute carbon dioxide into oxygen).

Both of these exercises may need some repetition under certain circumstances, but don’t overdo it. Whatever the process used to earth, it should return energy to the rate of vibration compatible with practical consensus reality.

Natural Earths / Natural Lives

Some people may be described as natural earths, others as naturally live. In a crisis, most “natural earths” will tend to remain calm and practical: “earthed into practical reality”, even if, later, they need to clear the shock energy out of their system. A ‘natural live’ will tend to have a stronger in the moment energetic response, which may manifest as anything from a powerful emotional reaction to a spontaneous transmission of Healing Energy.

If we react with our emotional energy - the state resultant from not being earthed, and therefore resonant with lower-self emotional energies - we can experience a range of undesirable feelings, from very heavy depression to manic elation, with extreme anger or fear thrown in. I’m sure many of us have experienced something of these feelings, which are apparently beyond our control.

 When earthed, we are better able to let go of unnecessary reactive states, and deal with the reality of the moment in a manner that is appropriate for a Healing channel.  

 “Natural lives” may need to practise “Earthing” in order that they can work easily and safely as healers. It should be remembered that in all things we are aiming for a state of peaceful balance, which in this instance means being in the right state (live /earth) at the right time.

When To Earth

Jack Schwartz, of The Aletheia H.E.A.R.T.  Institute, Mendacino ( At the Stanford Inn By the Sea, Post Office Box 2400 Mendocino, ca 95 460Tel. (707) 937 0602) compares our abilities to change our state of being, our brain wave patterns, to changing gear when driving a vehicle. No one gear is better than another- but the car works at optimum potential when the appropriate gear is used for any particular task.

Proper earthing should not inhibit an almost immediate return to a live or an altered state of consciousness if that is appropriate, and so while learning about how this process applies to Healing, it would be better to earth too much than too little.

Earthing is particularly useful before / during / after:

Giving/receiving healing


Absent Healing


Any crisis/stressful moment.

Alternative Earths and Additional Earthing

The basic rule is to experiment and ultimately to use what works best for you

Some people who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol do so in search of an earthed state. These are obviously not recommended, and here are some healthier suggestions....

Imagine that all excess energy is flowing into the ground through any part or parts of you. Or into a stone, rock or any other solid object you can lay hands on. Allow yourself to resonate with the qualities of stillness, of tranquillity, of solidness. The earth energy connection is sometimes symbolised by  ‘four square.’

Standing on grass or solid earth, communing with the Energy of Nature is obviously the best possible option, since this allows the Earth to replenish as well as rebalance us.

We must not forget that, in this circular relationship, the Earth and the lifeforms on it emit Energy as well as absorbing it. Plants, for example, fine-tune the Energy to a specific vibration, according to species. We must all be aware how different a room can feel with fresh flowers or a healthy plant; this is due to more than simply the effect of colour and perfume, but to that of the life force carried by the organic, living cells.  Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, and to some extent Homeopathy utilise this principle of Energetic fine-tuning through a natural life form.

It is possible, therefore, for us to open to these positive Earth Energies as we feel the need, enjoying our resonance with Nature. Hugging a tree, for example, can be very earthing and comforting, whilst leaning your back against it can be very invigorating.

Obviously, we do not always have the opportunity to actually be out there, though many of us constantly carry a small stone as a connector into Earth’s infinite potential, and of course, there is nothing to stop us from creatively visualising any of these inter-connections, along with:

Having roots deep down into the ground,

Being a pipe to an underground lake.

Being or touching a lightening conductor. (This is particularly useful when dealing with the energy of shock, or anger, solar plexus imbalance.)

(See THE CHAKRA SYSTEM Teaching Circle 13)

Standing above a water drain, allowing excess to run down. Particularly useful with ‘upset’ emotional energy. (Sacral Chakra).

(See THE CHAKRA SYSTEM Teaching Circle 13)

You can, of course, find your own image - just check that they have only positive, Healing potential before use.

We also recommend doing anything that is practical, particularly gardening, building, cleaning, making bread, especially if it is something with which you are quite familiar, and consequently relaxed.

Important: It is possible to lock images into an individual energy system, or space, so it is essential to ensure that these exercises are only done in connection with the Healing Energy, which we trust to activate them according to need. Obviously, it also gives us great responsibility in terms of how we use this skill to serve others.

Earthing The Space

Spaces used regularly to host Healing Wells or/and The Healing & Peace Group are permanently connected to Earthing Energies: we have been moved at various times to ‘install’ a central wooden pole, a water sluice gate, and a lightening conductor.

These may be activated and used by any Connected individual should the need arise.

You may wonder how ‘real’ all this is. I can only tell you that my Healing Room in Manchester had in it various energetically placed bits of ‘machinery’ and that when Colin Bloy, founder of FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL came to visit, he remarked on their position, as well as their presence!

(an organisation which specialises in healing Earth energies by creative visualisation)

One other thing. Returning from a Healing Workshop with David Furlong, I ‘planted’ a rosebush in the centre of my Workroom. Later, I had to ‘dig it up’, because my male dog, who had a liking for trees and shrubs as places to relieve himself, obviously could not differentiate between this ‘imaginary’ one and the real bushes out in the yard!

Although I could not see it, he obviously could. It is not necessary to actually be able to see or even feel the thing you are imagining in order for it to take root in some level of reality.

3. Centring

We regard the solar plexus (just above the navel, in the region of the diaphragm) as the physical centre of the body. Because it is responsible for activating the “fight or flight” adrenal mechanism, it is a centre easily thrown out of balance by stress, shock, or someone-else’s anger or depression.

As we have noted elsewhere, breathing deeply and easily into this centre helps greatly to restore balance.

Sitting with your arms crossed over solar plexus can prevent Energy drainage.

There are visualisation exercises that some people find helpful:

a) Imagining a line of White Light descending into you through the centre of the top of your head, continuing down through you, deep into the ground, realigning the central pole of your energy system.

b) Imagine a white rosebud, closed up and nestled in solar- plexus Draw two circles around the rose – a blue light circle anti-clockwise, then a white light circle clockwise on the outside.

You may choose to “watch” the rose gently unfolding, petal-by-petal as you shine white light upon it. Before leaving this exercise it is important to allow the rose to gently close up again. Leave the circles of light intact.

 c) Standing or sitting on top of a downward pointing pyramid, followed by an awareness of the correspondingly upward pointing one. This is one of the exercises I personally have found most useful.

The last image can be developed into imagining this diamond shaped crystal in your centre.

4. First Aid


If, for example, you are present when someone traps their finger in a door and can lay hands on the affected area immediately, it is possible to prevent the finger from being bruised.

Rescue Remedy can be a very good energy balancer, returning the system to a more balanced peaceful state. It is also very useful to counteract the effects of any physical, mental or emotional shock, accident or emergency when taken as soon as possible after the event, and continued if necessary, for a few days.

All healers are recommended to carry Rescue Remedy at all times. It is inexpensive, easily accessed from a Health Food Shop, and should be taken, either neat from the dropper (two drops under the tongue), or by putting two drops in a glass of water and taking a sip at intervals. The dose may be repeated as frequently as is necessary.

Further details of the usage and long-term dosage of Rescue Remedy and the other Bach Flower Remedies can be found on leaflets available from the stockist. In cases of serious, specific, prolonged imbalance, it may be wise to consult a trained practitioner in this field.


Arnica is a homeopathic remedy designed to counteract the physical effects of accident shock. It is available cheaply and easily from Health food shops, in tablet and cream form. Follow the instructions.

It is worth regarding both Arnica and Rescue Remedy, along with the Healing Energy as ‘first aid’.

5.  Clean Up Time

Occasionally we may feel our energy systems becoming ‘clogged up’ with energies we have picked up while treating, or out and about in the city.

Many Healers run their wrists and hands under cold water routinely after treatment. Not only does this empower any cleansing visualisation, but it also probably affects the physical through the pulses.

It is simple enough to become aware that the water in a bath or shower is cleansing the energy as well as the body, carrying anything unneeded down the drain. Cold showers are often recommended, for those who can cope!

The flow of electro-magnetic energy around the body is impeded by even minor dehydration. Drinking a glass of clean water - or even herb tea - will help restore this flow, as well as helping to clear physical level toxins which can act as blockages.

Standing on a bridge over a stream or river, or at the edge of the sea, it is possible to allow the water to bring what you need and take away anything else.

If you are not in a position to physically do any of the above, then visualise any of these, along with:

Standing under a waterfall of perpetual love.

The White Light flowing straight down through you, cleansing and nourishing, dissolving all unnecessary blockages or tensions. This is recommended for regular (daily plus) use.

Space and Aura Cleansing

Some Healers choose to clean their workspace energetically before or after work, or want a quick practical way to clear their aura of accumulated dross.

The American Indians traditionally used sage smoke, blown into the corners of the room, and or blown through the aura.

Some practitioners recommend using salt, or the placement of copper coins, as above.

Personally, I find Rescue Remedy, [5 drops in a pint plant water spray] just as effective, more subtle for visitors, and less dangerous than flying sparks!

6.  Earthing In Daily Life

Earthing may be compared with tidying a home. It is a return to ‘ground base’, a return to a state from which we may begin anew, a clearing out of leftover bits of energy It may be a major “Spring Clean” or just a “lick and a promise”, depending on circumstances. To a certain extent it is a process that everyone goes through at some time or another. In the Healing, however, it is a vital part of the Channelling process and of day-to-day life for a healer.

Earthing will help to protect from the lingering effects of anger or negativity (your own or other people’s) for instance. It won’t protect just you, but also the patients and other healers with whom you may come into contact.

Let us imagine ourselves as an amplifier or radio, through which the Healing Energy is drawn. Such equipment must have a functioning earthing element otherwise the system could either blow, or there might be interference in the quality of the energy transmitted.

As channels for the Healing Energy, we must at all times, even in the most diverse situations, be prepared to answer expressed need anytime, anywhere, and this means being able to access a balanced state even when in a situation where the energy of shock abounds.  

We know how infectious joy, laughter and happiness can be. Similarly, tension, anger, fear and even aggression can be quickly picked up and absorbed into the energy system, if we do not have a means of earthing them out. Every day we are thrown into difficult and trying situations. The Healing helps us to work with the Energy to provide a peaceful path through life situations. It enables us to transform the negative tension into energy that is positive when given in Healing to the Earth.

7.  The Negative Energy Chain

Energy is communicated in many ways, on many levels. Negative energy can be like a chain reaction. One person absorbs negative energy and communicates it as anger, worry or whatever - another picks it up, and so on.

As Healing Channels, we have the potential  (and responsibility) to transform and earth out these negative chains that we come into contact with, both within ourselves, clearing our own negativity - and in “outside” situations.

There is a saying in situations where it looks as if someone is about to flare up in anger “Count to ten backwards”. This has the effect of giving that person enough time to earth it out, to think about what they are doing and (in this instance) time to become aware that they would be perpetuating the negative chain reaction.

People “breathe a sigh of relief” when they emerge from a tense situation; rather than carrying the tension around with them, they earth it out with the breath, stopping the effect it could have on the energy system if absorbed and allowed to take rest there.

The breath has a great effect on one’s ability to earth. For many people, breathing has become an unconscious mechanism; most people’s breathing is very light and shallow.  Lack of relaxation and deep breathing causes energy to be trapped in the system.

The quickest and easiest way to release tension and restore equilibrium is by taking calm deep breaths, breathing in love and out peace. Using positive visualisation one can help oneself to relax the breath and therefore allow the body a more earthed, calm and balanced approach to life situations.

8. Non-Attachment

Earthing is not an enforced controlled super-calmness but a genuine inner-equilibrium and clarity. Very often people who are experiencing pain, anger, emotional upset etc.  are so subjectively involved in the reaction that they feel they have no control over it. Even when it appears that they are lashing out at you, it can be your calm presence in the situation that aids the transformation of what they are communicating into a positive force.

Sitting with your arms crossed over solar plexus can prevent Energy drainage, but keeping legs uncrossed and feet on the ground helps to earth out anything that is not beneficial to you.

By staying earthed and centred in these situations, by receiving and listening, but not absorbing, by not becoming personally involved but simply channelling, one helps the Healing to transmute the tension.

9.  Symptom Sharing

Unless you find this happening to you, don’t worry about it

If you’re not sure, then a symptom is probably your own; consult another healer or medical practitioner if in doubt. Do not assume that your headache is necessarily an energetic symptom, even if one of your regular patients suffers from migraine.

Under normal circumstances, symptom sharing is not common; not every channel shares symptoms, and not every patient passes on symptoms. It is not clear exactly how it occurs (though resonance is clearly involved), but it seems that certain types of open energy systems are susceptible to symptom sharing, unless great care is taken to detach before and after treating - and even before talking to someone you know to be depressed or in a highly emotional state.

 It is not only physical symptoms that can be passed on if one does not close down and become non-attached. When visiting someone in hospital, for example, it is wise to close down before entering the building, sending the institution as well as the patients Absent Healing both before and after the visit, otherwise one can come away feeling very depressed or depleted.

It seems that some healers have the potential to absorb negative energy and to transmute it inside their own energy system. This is, however, neither necessary nor recommended.

Identifying Shared Symptoms

In order to identify a feeling or pain as a shared symptom, the most difficult thing is to be aware in the first place what it might be. Once you have decided that a symptom may not be your own, it will either respond to one of the following exercises or not, and you may draw your own conclusions.

Areas of Relatively High Risk

Your energy system may be liable to pick up other people’s symptoms if you are particularly tired or run down, even if you do not normally experience shared symptoms.

If there is a sexual or emotional link between you and the patient (it does not even have to be two way - part of why we discourage personification and projection on the part of the patient), you would be wise to take the precaution of closing down and becoming non-attached, emotionally and sexually, before and after treatment, and at any time during the process of treating that you feel you may be becoming attached.

10.  Protection

The Healing Energy protects any individual who is acting in accordance with Ethics and Principles, and thereby Natural Law.

However, we are only human, and there are some situations in which we feel the need to reinforce this aspect of our Connection.

Exercises on Non-Attachment and Closing Down


1) Energy from the Source, washing the body clean.

2) White Light sealing the body, after 1) above, or after earthing.

3) wrapping yourself or the patient in a blanket or cloak of Healing Protection - usually blue, purple, gold or white.

4) putting up a gold umbrella to cover you, the patient or the whole working space.

5) imagining the Angel of Protection being with you.

The easiest way of all, I find, is to ASK, - and for those who have no problem with the concept of Prayer, there is a Bahai ‘999’ prayer which we may use in any situation we feel to be urgent. It may be done silently, but like all Invocation, is more effective when voiced:

“Is there any Remover of difficulties save God?

Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!”

Obviously the Christian and other faiths have appropriate prayers. Indeed, I sometimes find The Lord’s Prayer or the 23rd Psalm going through my head whilst Working.

11.  Exercises for Clearing Shared Symptoms

Symptom sharing can be useful in that it lets you know how the patient is feeling and if it occurs from a distance, it lets you know that someone is in need and to send a thought.

(Never look to share symptoms, if you do pick up symptoms, don’t wallow in the contact; do something about it.  If they persist go and see another channel).

N e v e r  send the pain back to the patient.

Send a thought, or better, go and lay hands.

Often this alone will clear the symptom.


Earth out and make sure that you are non-attached  (see above).

Become aware of the inside of your body and where the symptom is manifesting itself, imagine the symptom being lifted from you.

Run your wrists under cold water and / or recite the Lord’s Prayer  (or equivalent).

Do “Cutting the Ties that Bind”: see below.

Ask the Source to take away any symptom that is not your own.

 “Cutting the Ties That Bind”


Paperback (January 1994) Samuel Weiser, ISBN: 0877287910

Sometimes in the process of becoming open energy channels we may discover that we have energy connections, the nature or intensity of which may create disturbances.

Assuming the purpose of these energy connections to other points on our personal web to be positive, group members occasionally utilise this exercise to restore peace, balance and harmony both within the self, and in relation to those who are close.

1. This exercise may be done in conjunction with the other party / parties involved. That is to say both may be present and active, or both actively participating at a distance. Or it may be done in privacy and solitude.

2. Either way, the usual guidelines for any energetic exercise, Healing, meditation, yoga apply.

 a) Set aside a time of the day when you would not expect to be disturbed.

 b) Make yourself comfortable in a warm, ordered environment.


 c) R E L A X.

 d) Find your Connection with the Source. This exercise can be used as Absent Healing in appropriate circumstances, and is only ever to be carried out with peace and love.



3.  VISUALISE yourself at point A of the triangle with the other party similarly positioned at point B. You may choose to wrap both parties in Healing Protection, e.g. circles of gold, containing each individual, like bubbles. Become aware of the passage of energy flowing directly between you in both directions. Do nothing with it, simply be aware.


4. Slowly allow your awareness to focus on point C, the Source, recognising the equality of the Connection with both sides.  Both self and “other” holds a Connection with the Source along lines of White Light.

5. It is possible to consciously Channel Healing Energy to “other” through the Source, whilst simultaneously asking or imagining that the Healing Energy should cleanse, purify and - if necessary - dissolve blocks between self and “other” along the base line of a triangle. You may, with love, dissolve the base line, so that the connection or relationship can be lifted out of the realms of lower-self interaction, where all the problems, tensions and difficulties lie.

This may be used to energise one’s commitment to the concept that The Healing Energy can access the best possible potential in any given situation without the interference of our lower emotional wants and/or fears.

6. As with any exercise it is wise to allow one’s intuition to say when or how often its use is relevant, but the following situations are potential examples:

 symptom sharing with a given individual.         


 the feeling that you are picking up on things that you would rather not pick up on.

 feeling that the other person is drawing on your own energy bank, or you on theirs.

 situations involving feelings of conflict - whether internal, sensed, or manifest in the relationship.


 Really, this exercise is simply a complex way of returning any relationship, close or distant, into the realms of “Thy Will Not Mine” - into the realms of higher-self interacting only with “other’s” higher-self: returning it not to a neutral state, but a potentially positive state.

 “But every relationship between individuals bears within it the danger that wrong turns may be taken, leading to endless misunderstandings and disagreements. Therefore it is necessary constantly to remain mindful of the end. If we permit ourselves to drift along, we come together and are parted again as the day may determine. If on the other hand a man fixes his mind on an end that endures, he will succeed in avoiding the reefs that confront the closer relationship of people.”


(Hexagram 54.  I Ching - Richard Wilhelm translation)

“Suddenly he stood up, his dark eyes aflame. ‘Only one thing is strong enough’, he cried. ‘Earth, Earth, Earth. Think of Earth. All of you. We’re back on Earth.  Visualise it, make it real and the monsters will have to disappear. Earth, Earth, Earth.”

(The Index of Possibilities by John Chesterman Pantheon 1974:

 ISBN 0-394-73037-2)

( Copyright Valerie Wooding

Based on the original Earthing notes for the Healing and Peace Group, 1986

With thanks to Ian Holmes Lewis.)