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Guidance often comes in flashes

The Healing and Peace Group has always been committed to making what it has learned about Healing, Holistic Wellbeing and Peace accessible to all.

For this reason we have chosen to publish, unchanged, large parts of ‘Applying for a Miracle’, our BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations) approved training course for Healers on this website.

THE HEALING & PEACE GROUP: Applying For A Miracle

Chapter 10: Guidance

Energy As Information

The phenomenon of Guidance does not seem strange when we accept that it is only another manifestation of the same Healing Energy. Within this context, the concept that the Energy carries information, which can be drawn by need, seems perfectly natural.

Guidance comes in many ways. Western Culture has not arrived at a scientific explanation of the phenomenon. This Teaching Circle, therefore, can only present the experience and information collected by myself and the Healing and Peace Group.  

Direct Guidance

One night at Bromborough, when I'd been working for about six months, I treated a back patient who was there for the first time. It was a normal treatment, until, as I finished, and got up to carry on elsewhere, I heard a 'voice' in the back of my head. I refer to it as a 'voice', despite the fact that I could not tell you whether it belongs to a male or a female. The sensation was of hearing rather than seeing...but one way or another, I was receiving information in the form of words.

What the voice said was 'Go back and hold that man's hand.' I had heard that this sort of thing happened to Healers, and the instruction seemed harmless enough - I assumed that the man was experiencing an emotional healing - so I went and knelt down by his side, and held his hand. He appeared very peaceful, and when the voice said 'that's fine, you can carry on now', it seemed quite normal. I carried on treating and finally lay down to receive Healing myself.

By the time I was putting my boots on to go home, it was late, and when this man came up and started effusively thanking me, I was embarrassed, and a bit sharp in my response - that I was glad he was feeling better, but that it was through me not of me etc. Another man, his friend I assume, came forward and told me - basically – to shut up and listen. I did. What they were trying to tell me was that the hand I had held had been paralysed at birth and had never opened until it unlocked when I took his hand in mine.  He looked to be in his early fifties. It was the first 'miracle' to happen through me.

What soon became very clear was that this voice delivered Direct Guidance, which allowed more to happen through me than I personally could have conceived of. Initially it appeared when I was treating or Absent Healing, and the instruction/information was always very simple and very clear, but just as the first time, the result of following was much bigger than the instruction inferred.

After a while 'the Voice’ started to talk to me about the Healing, and through me to people who were genuinely asking to understand. I was very lucky, not only did I have the evidence of patient reaction to help me trust what I was getting, but I also had John, Naomi Long NFSH (The National Federation of Spiritual Healers)., and several other Healer/Seers to cross check with.


I have volunteered to have my Guidance system investigated by several Healer/Seers, some mediums, some not. Although I do have some mediumistic abilities (inherited from my mother), my own gift, 'the voice in my head', comes from a connection through my higher self to the Source.


Direct Guidance is an integral part of the Work I personally do: Teaching Circle - both originally (1986) and during its continuing evolution - was written through and with It.


This voice also looks after me. One very hot day in 1988 I was leaving the house when it told me to go upstairs and pick up a pink cardigan. Already late to go and pick up my father from hospital with the results of some important tests, I said I didn't think I needed one. The voice repeated the same phrase, with no explanation. I grumbled my way up and down two flights of stairs, rushed out, got in the car and started driving through Manchester rush hour. There was a long queue at the second set of traffic lights where I had to turn right. While I was sitting there, a van came speeding through a red light, crashed into and turned over the car which was then in the process of turning right. I knew it could have been me.

The Direct Guidance I have received in this way has never been wrong, never misled me. I have on occasion not taken its advice, either because of stubbornness or not getting it together, or on very rare occasions because I have not completely understood, being distracted by something else in the material world. These occasions have proven beyond any doubt that I personally should take any information from this Source very seriously indeed.

The Library Angel

Sometimes enough information comes through to make it possible to float a question on the Ether. In 1983, we received a great deal of information about Egypt, but we all agreed that there was no direct link between the work we were doing and the information we were collecting.

I asked for an explanation, but it did not arrive until, months later, another Group Member and I visited Hay on Wye whilst on holiday. Hay on Wye is famous as a town full of bookshops, mostly second- hand. We wandered into the first shop we came to. I randomly picked up a book off the shelf, and opened it up to read 'Mary the Soul comes out of Egypt'. Not only was the Egypt question answered, but also a light was shone on the 'Mary' stuff that had, indeed, replaced it. It was an old book, called Mystery Teaching in the West It was our first confirmation of Christ Consciousness as an energy path with a receptive Connection.


(Mrs Muirson Blake). Published by The Occult Book Society

 32-36 Paternoster Row, London EC4. No ISBN number.)

This is an extreme but clear example of something which most Group Members have reported as an almost day-to-day experience; a book or article 'falls' into your hands, which provides information to allow you to make the next step in understanding.

I find that, when the book opens at the right page, a 'light' picks out the relevant paragraph, which is very useful if this is the beginning of a new project (e.g. Timeshift) or of a new path of exploration, personal or Group.

(See Teaching Circle 3: ABSENT HEALING and


It was Jung, I think, who called this recognised phenomenon 'the Library Angel.'


There are many tools available for seeking Guidance. The results, however, are dependent on the connection of the person seeking. The Group way is to make the same Connection as we make for channelling Healing Energy, asking only that we may access information to answer need.

When using a dowsing tool or consulting an oracle it is important to ensure that it is Spiritual not psychic energy that is drawn. It seems that a psychic connection does not necessarily bring through the best possible outcome/course of action, because it can only read the energy in the personal energy system, without taking into account the help that is accessible to and through Healing Channels.

( See 'The Hill', in Teaching Circle Charter 13: LEVELS OF CONNECTION.)

  The Manchester Healing and Peace Group decided, after John Cain's death that we should, if applying for Guidance, ‘ask the Source, then accept the manner in which the answers are given, if they resonate within'.

 The original Group, and many Group Members since, found that The I Ching (Richard Wilhelm translation) works best in relation to our Connection. It's philosophy of balance and change resonates strongly with Group Consciousness. However, some people find the Pendulum, the Tarot, Angel Cards from Findhorn, Runes or American Indian Medicine Cards useful for them as individuals. Kinesiology, better known as Muscle Testing is a relatively new way of asking for Guidance, most commonly used by practitioners to diagnose imbalances in a patient's energy system.

(I CHING or book of changes. The Richard Wilhelm translation. Rendered into English by Carl F Baynes. With a foreword by CG Jung. First published in Great Britain 1951 in two volumes by Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. Copyright 1950 and 1967 by Bollingen Foundation Inc. New York, N.Y. ISBN 0 7100 1581 X (c) ISBN 0 7100 9527 9 (p))

 John Cain, and many good Seers I have known well, have said that tools are unnecessary - if you need the information you are given it. I must say that I agree in principle, but have personally found tools very useful in times of personal confusion.

Indeed, to be honest, for many years I used the I Ching almost daily, as an integral part of Connecting Up, Receiving Healing, doing Absent Healing, sitting etc. In this context, I use the Oracle as part of my commitment to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

Seeking Guidance Through Someone Else

In the same way that one is drawn to books, etc., there are times when some people feel they should consult a medium/seer. If you know whom you are to see, the situation is simple. Having made an appointment, you simply go and sit with the person, make your own connection with the Source and allow the expert to do their work. It is useful to take a notebook and jot things down so that you can sort through it later. Some channels allow tape-recorders to be used.

If you know that you want to consult someone, but don't know whom, it is worthwhile asking friends you trust for a recommendation, since there are some good and some not-so-good channels around. I was told to be wary of information that was drawn through psychometry (where the communicator holds and reads some personal article, which will only carry the energy locked into your own energy system), and of mediums etc. who asked a lot of questions before giving off.

Genuine mediums are trained to make their connection and give what they get, exactly as they get it.

Automatic Writing

When this happens, your hand writes without your mind registering the words at all. I am told that this is a skill best not sought after, since it requires a great deal of your own physical energy to manifest. It is also frequently quite difficult to read.

The advice I was given when this was happening to me, was to set aside a regular time to sit and Connect up, relax and allow what is needed to occur. I found that sometimes I would be 'told' to write things down as by dictation. Not necessarily things I could understand in the moment, but one part of a jigsaw, the pieces of which were coming to me from various places and in various ways, until 'the light went on' and I could grasp the whole picture, appreciating the importance and meaning of each part.

The automatic writing stopped, and instead of feeling tired and run down, I started feeling very alive.

Visual Guidance, Automatic Pictures/Psychic Artists

Many people doodle, even if they do not draw. The Healing Energy will use the easiest, most efficient way of communicating that the individual energy system can take. If you find yourself drawing images and symbols, it is worth considering what may be being said.

Some people have primarily visual guidance systems. Some of these 'see' Energy, the energy of aura, the energy of Spirit, the movement of Healing Energy around or even inside a patient. Sometimes they are moved to put an impression of what they see on paper. I know of one Healer-Seer who brought through a lot of Group Information in his artwork, although he himself never knew what it was about. The rest of us, though, recognised parallels to stuff we'd been getting in other ways. I also know a Healer artist who can draw her own auric state.

It is quite common for Healers to see colours and shapes when treating.

Voice Channelling

There are two different ways of information being channelled by physical voice:

a) Simply connecting up and allowing what needs to be said to be said. It was not unusual for John to put his hand on my back at the beginning of (often-public) Healing Meetings, and say 'Go out and talk to them, Valerie'. The first time I asked him ' what about?', he replied, 'Just do it, you'll know what to say.' Although it was somewhat nerve-wracking, when I opened my mouth to start, I did know - though it was interesting listening to this often brand new information I was bespeaking.

This happens also when asked a new or forgotten question about the Healing.

b) Spiritualists work long and very carefully to develop their ability to safely channel the actual voice and personality of the spirit they are channelling. This is specialised work, even among mediums.

Traditional Psychic Gifts

Definitions courtesy of Mrs. H. Davison from 'Communication Keys':


1) Clairvoyance

Modern day proof of survival. A method of spirit communication via the sense of sight. Literal interpretation is 'clear seeing'. The medium using this method of spirit communication sees the events or places or persons being portrayed very much as one would watch a silent screen, sometimes in colour, sometimes black/white and sometimes just a shadow on the psychic screen.

2) Clairaudience

Communication with the spirit world by means of the hearing sense. This is not the 'voices in the head' of the schizophrenic, but the product of listening with the ear of the spirit body of incarnate man. Words can be heard very clearly, or they can be as indistinct as some telephone voices are when there is a fault on the line.

 (I understand that each spirit voice is different, individual, and that it is heard as if standing by the medium's left ear. Mrs. D., 80 years old and still carrying a great deal of responsibility in Spiritualism in North Wales was one of the people who checked out my Voice as a higher self connection - just in case you were wondering! - V.W.)

3) Clairsentience

This is Spirit communication through all the senses combined. When a medium is demonstrating on a platform and has a brief half hour to do so, there is no time for pictures to build up, neither is there time available to pause and listen intently. Clairsentience then is the principle method of platform demonstration and enables the medium to work as quickly as the mind communication is conveyed.”

(Communication Keys. An encyclopedia of Spiritual Knowledge

compiled by: H.M. Davison

Hilda M. Davison ISBN 0947 823 239 Published by Headquarters Publishing Co. Ltd. 5 Alexandria Road, West Ealing, London W13 ONP Greatly recommended.)

Project Guidance

In 1983 it was amazing; once our intention to become a public Healing Group was established, it was like watching life being woven around and through us.

My move to Wales showed me the same pattern, once the 'light went on' for the Timeshift, and consequently the Green Fayre Complementary Therapies Tent and The Well, watching the evolution of the manifestation of the vision was remarkable.

It was also evident, from the point of committing to these projects, how the foundations for the Work had already been laid, and some important connections had already been discovered, if not made.

Half way through the Green Fayre cycle, I was told that John Cain had worked in Penygroes, where the Healing and Peace Group and The Well are centred in the hall closest to my home!

It must have been before 1978, before my time, so how long is this path that brought me - or you - to the choices of the here and now?

Nothing just happens, in projects, however. We are given a moment in which one can see the best possible outcome, judged from the point of view of the Energy, of the Greater Whole. The moment of vision, of 'knowing' carries absolute certainty that this best possible outcome can occur, because it is needed, and Energy can be accessed to manifest it. After that, it is a matter of free will and choice. If the project has to involve other people, then it is dependent on each of their individual decisions as well, since the actual manifestation involves a great deal of hard work, mental and physical on the mundane level.

In principle, a visioned project draws to it the people whose skills make it possible. They are drawn by the need that the energy has communicated, and by their own need to be exercising their skills in Service of The Whole.

"The Power To Heal":  A Lesson In Answering Need.

I include this because it's a good story to illustrate the point.

In 1979 I was commissioned to write a proper, full-scale book, on Healing in general, but based on the experience of The John Cain Healing Centre. My publisher had O.K.'d my structure and working method; he was very enthusiastic. Called 'The Power to Heal', it was to deal with the Energy channelled by Healers.

I did a great deal of research, but my personal life was in tatters, and I just couldn't get it together to write the book. Even after serious messages of 'use time wisely' etc., three deadlines slipped by, until I was woken one morning by a phone call from an irate Peter Banda (the publisher).

He wanted to know why I had broken my contract and shown my outline to someone called David Harvey. I was stunned and confused - I'd never spoken to this David Harvey.

Eventually Peter decided to believe me, but told me to get hold of a copy of such and such a paper, and that he would send me David Harvey's "Power to Heal", structured identically, and even researched through a similarly constructed questionnaire!

That, if ever there was one, was a book waiting to be written. Someone or something felt it was needed, and if I wasn't going to write it, someone else would be found who could be moved to do so.

Craig, Manchester Healing and Peace Group's singer-songwriter frequently observed the same pattern in his own creativity.


I later met David Harvey (researching his next book at The John Cain Healing Centre, and bringing his wife for treatment). We talked about the book: he was not surprised, and said that he had not started his until after my first deadline, but then he "got this idea, and just had to do it."

My research was not entirely wasted, however. My next commission came in the form of a phone call - Peter Banda wanted "twenty thousand words on something that's needed - by a week on Friday."!!

Having checked with John, I wrote "The Healing Guide" - in fourteen days, with no time to get distracted by passion and despair.

I'm sure that the emotional stuff would have found its place if I had taken my Work as my priority in the first place.  

Such lessons are hard learned, and not easy to forget.

Tripartite Guidance

This means that information related to Group decisions is drawn from three different channels. These may not be Group Members (who are sometimes attached to the issue) but some of the individual Healer-Seers the Group has been Networking with for a considerable period. In the beginning, John Cain, Naomi Long and some of the other Channels at John's serviced us in this way.

I act as an 'outside' Guidance mechanism for other Groups and Individual Healers who work by the Tripartite method. Most of this work is done by phone.

For the individual, it is useful to have one piece of Guidance confirmed by two others - in different ways or from different people.

Tripartite Guidance works as a safety device.


True Guidance never asks you to break Ethics and Principles - your own, or in a Healing and Peace Group context, the Group's.

True Guidance will never push you into danger. If you find yourself reading a car number plate which tells you to get off the last train at the next (unknown) station, question it very severely. It is most likely that you are not balanced, and your mind is playing tricks on you.

True Guidance will NEVER endanger a patient or the Group.

True Guidance will NEVER have you submit to another individual.

Seers do not always have a natural time-scale for what they 'see'. Unless given a date or time limit, which does happen, the seer has only his or her personal intuition to work with on the question of 'when'. This is because Guidance comes from a plane of reality, which operates, like Absent Healing, outside the realms of time and space.

Seers often cannot bring through information about their own personal life.

True Guidance must be grown into, if your potential both requires and permits it.


For most Healers, the gifts unfold naturally as part of the Healing process. Regular Absent Healing with an experienced Seer will help the development, by resonance.

(See Teaching Circle 13: LEVELS OF CONNECTION, Group Consciousness.)

Doing Absent Healing regularly and formally, trying to work by Group Ethics and Principles will always help in the development of a Channel. It can be done by yourself or with a Group.

Voicing Prayer, Invocation, or Absent Healing can help to create a better Connection, without being wilful.

The Spiritualist Church runs Development Circles for individuals who show mediumistic potential. Although the Group recognises and respects the Spiritualist connection, as a Group we do not work directly with it.

John Cain was a Spiritualist. I, and the original Group were not. We had no experiential reason to be. I thought I might have seen John's Guides occasionally, but I'd talked to literally hundreds of patients, and prepared and collated three hundred questionnaires while researching 'The Power To Heal' (see above). So I'd heard a lot about 'Karl', and 'the Arab' etc., and could not trust my mind.......


Interpreting and applying Guidance is a skill in itself, and many receivers have initial difficulty making sense of what they get. Talking to other Seers can be very useful during this stage. Interpretation requires a balance of left and right brain, using the best skills associated with Brow Chakra. This becomes available for most channels through experience, and as a result of their own Healing process. The feeling of resonance with a concept, a symbol etc. is a basic part of recognising when you are being given something of value. It has a sort of buzz with it that I sometimes describe as “electric blue”.

(See St. Paul to the Corinthians Chapter 14)

Receiving Guidance For Individuals

It is against the Code of Conduct to communicate Guidance received to formal patients.

Some seers get, without applying for it, information with regard to individuals they work with / know as friends / bump into.


If you are not formally working as a medium / seer, this can be a tricky gift to live with.

The situation is best handled if you can be totally open about what you do, and the Ethics and Principles you work by. Some people are enthusiastic, and want to know what you get concerning them. Others shy away, and make it quite clear that they do not welcome what they see as interference in their lives.

Some encourage you to tell them, and then get very cross because it isn't what they want to hear (or something!).

For me personally, what I see is the person's potential, what opportunities the Energy is offering them in order to fulfil it, and, sometimes, specific problem areas that are operating as blocks. I do not ask for this information (unless the other person has specifically requested my help), and try as I will I cannot stop it from happening.

When I ask, I do it in Absent Healing mode, asking to only get what's needed, in accordance with Divine Will, etc. I do not always get anything at all, and sometimes will be given information concerning a completely different matter.

Sometimes what I get comes with advice for me in relation to the “patient”, sometimes with advice for them.

I find it easiest to see even close friends as "patients" in this context; it defines the energetics of the relationship in the moment of 'seeing' or 'giving it out', even if it's someone I have never laid hands on.

If he or she is prepared to accept this relationship then usually all goes well, but I do have to constantly re-iterate that, like the Laying on of Hands Energy, this too comes through me, not of me. That it is not my opinion, my advice, or my authority which is being expressed.

If I 'see' danger, or am told to deliver a message, then I do tell the person concerned. I learned this lesson when six individuals, including me, "saw” an accident. No-one spoke out, and the accident happened. There was some protection: we received a real life out of death miracle afterwards, but the whole thing could have been avoided. Had one of us spoken up, I'm sure the others would have too, and my family would not have gone on a driving holiday which may have taught some of us a great deal, but was not exactly a pleasant experience.

I rarely get that sort of thing for myself or for anyone else, however. In more usual circumstances, I try to make the information accessible, without challenging the other person.

Sometimes it is hard to watch a friend following certain 'free will' choices when you can clearly see (and have told them) another, more Healing route.

However, we must all do as we see fit, and the most the Healer-Seer can do in those circumstances is to continue sending Absent Healing, and be there later, when you're needed, without saying "I told you so."

Free Will.  It's part of how we learn.

How It Works - A Theory

Diamond (1) is a true reflection of the Source in Innocence. The individual Soul, it is the first stage of separation from the Source. It has access to all information, but has no experience.

The Diamond sends down one facet of itself to manifest in human incarnation: I am one facet of my diamond.

Each facet gains experience by living a life on the earth plane. Many philosophies believe that as individuals we have choice before birth. That, knowing what has to be achieved and learned in the coming incarnation, we choose the family and culture which will best suit our needs, and select an astrological chart which will provide the appropriate potential and limitations.

On death, each facet crosses the Veil.

Spiritualists believe that Spiritual Growth continues after death, and that there are levels of development "on the other side." Most spirits pass into Summerland, which is constructed with mental energy, the energy of wishing and expectation. Consequently it works and operates in ways which reflect the Earth plane, except of course it's cleaner, with better housing and better weather, since that is what most spirits expect from Heaven.

The spirit remains there until, one 'day' it wakes up, so to speak, and realises that this existence is boring and meaningless, that there is work to be done, both personally and in service of the Whole. At that point the spirit moves on to level 2, etc.

A spirit may pass over straight onto level 2, if sufficient understanding has been gained during the manifestation in physical form. This is true right up to the level of Ascended Master.

The concept behind the plan is that all the facets will eventually experience 'Master' level, at which point the whole Soul, the complete Diamond, will have Wisdom, and the opportunity to re-unite with the Source by losing its individuality, merging into the All in One, and leaving the Wheel of Karma.

A medium channelling 'Auntie Em' is channelling from Summerland if Auntie Em is showing the characteristics and personality traits she had in this life. Be wary of her advice, she has not necessarily grown out of the limited attitudes and opinions she used to have. She will, however be there in love.

Mediums are thus called because the information being communicated should pass through them unchanged. They, generally, have the ability to sit on the Veil. A medium bringing through information of a Spiritual or Philosophical nature is likely to be channelling from a higher level. I have been told that Masters hardly ever make their presence felt through platform mediums.

The Group Understanding

We believe that it is possible to access information, drawn by need, from any level. It can be done mediumistically, or through a strong connection with your own higher self - which can communicate with, at the very least, the facets of one's own being which have progressed to the higher levels of wisdom, as well as communicating the awareness held in Innocent reflection of the Source. This explains why someone who cannot see or hear spirit at all can still receive that which is needed in Service of the Greater Whole.

It seems more than possible that many Healers are 'Old Souls', some bound by Boddhisattva vows in a previous life, who have some quite advanced facets on the other side.

I, personally, was very relieved when I was given this map, since it explained everything I had experienced and come across through other people, in one simple system that allowed options, and did not require me as an individual to complete the entire cycle in one short lifetime.

However, good as it may be, this is only a theory: this communication may come from some unrecognised part of our own beings...or from a big computer in the sky. If you find it useful to work with, that's fine. If your experience leads you to a different way of understanding the phenomena of Guidance, then that's OK too.

Appendix A: The Diamond Map (Diagram)

I hope this does not seem too personal an account of Guidance. I have never tried to write it all down, before - it used to be done purely on voice - with a few notes in later years to ensure that all the necessary aspects were covered. Writing some of it moved me deeply, in the remembering.

I have tried to write it as I always try to speak it, from my own experience, and whilst Connected up.

However, I have checked (left brain!) that all the information usually communicated to each new generation Group has been included.  

Appendix B: Voice Connections To The Source

Things we have been advised to voice include (according to your taste), Buddhist, Sufi, and some Mayan and some Native American chants, The Great Invocation, The Lord's Prayer, and Absent Healing. The following were specifically given:

All knowing Zeus, Give me what is best for me.  Avert Evil from me, though it be the thing I prayed for, and give me the Good which from ignorance I do not ask.                                   (Socrates)

Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by his bidding.!  

 (This is the Bahai Prayer Naomi gave me as a '999' call. Do not overuse.)

I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God! Let no harm beset me in times of tests, and in moments of heedlessness guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration. Thou art God, potent art Thou to do what Thou desirest. No one can withstand Thy Will or thwart Thy Purpose.  (Bahai : Protection)

Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succour in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All- Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

O Lord!  Open Thou the door, provide the means, prepare the way, make safe the path, that we may be guided to those souls whose hearts are prepared for Thy Cause and that they may be guided to us. Verily, Thou art the merciful, the Most Bountiful, the All-Powerful.       (From Naomi. It has been used ever since we as a Group became accessible in Manchester.)

By Direct Guidance:

 We ask that:

Those whose potential leads to Channelling Guidance may be nourished, supported and protected during their development.

That they may have a clean and clear Connection that will allow them to answer need in this aspect of their work.

That, if they are to" see the writing on the wall", they may be able to both read and understand it.

That detached love and compassion may be the Connection Point for all those of us who receive Guidance, and that, protected, we may be granted the Wisdom to use the Gift well, in service to individuals, The Group, and The Greater Whole.

Use these, or whatever provides an access point to the Source for you through words or sounds, either regularly or when guided to do so.

There are disciplines (e.g. TONING), which can access Healing purely by voice.

Appendix C:  Evaluating Your Own Guidance.

The following are a collection of techniques and ideas that I have found useful in relation to inner guides and Guidance generally, which are mostly drawn or adapted from 'The Inner Guide Meditation' by Edwin Steinbrecher.

(Aquarian Press ISBN 0-85030-780-5.)

Guidance can use any perceptual process that produces energetic information, for instance hearing voices or seeing colours or images.

No-one else can tell you whether your Guide/guidance is true or false, ultimately this is a judgement that you must make yourself. The test of Love is the test of true guidance. If there is no consistent feeling of love and total acceptance with your guidance, you may expect the quality of information to be poor or at best patchy.

False guides are often judgmental of others. They will inflate your ego through flattery. They will encourage separative thinking, most often telling you that that you are "right" and others are wrong, they give little or nothing in terms of spiritual insight, and they subtly discourage ego change or growth.

If your life has changed for the better and moved toward Spirit since you began working with your guidance, and if this positive change is beginning to be reflected in the people around you, then your guidance is probably good.

If there have been no positive changes in you and the people around you, you are probably with a false guide or are working very superficially with the archetypal energy forms.

True Guidance will never ask you to 'send' anything other than Love and/or White Light to anyone without first checking that it is ok. by them.

If you have no established guidance system and begin by asking the Source for information drawn in answer to need, it is important to apprehend the first perception that follows the question. It may seem an unlikely prospect at first, but the ideas or images that follow this first perception are much less likely to be useful.


Direct Guidance

Come with me into the light

Be humbled by its touch

A witness to the heavenly might

Of love and peace and such

Eternal happiness spread wide

Inviting those of good intent

To cast all doubt aside.

Consolidate the knowledge held

Accept what you will gain

For knowledge is a precious gem

And nothing is in vain.

The truth that shines within the light

Will be a constant beacon

Reflect the light discharge its might

Your resolve it must not weaken.

For only by such servitude

Can darkness be reverted

The disaster prophesised for man

In this way is averted.

Doreen Thomas. (John Cain Healing Centre 1985)