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Applying for a Miracle. Part Four - Absent Healing.

Absent Healing: How we do it.

The Healing and Peace Group has always been committed to making what it has learned about Healing, Holistic Wellbeing and Peace accessible to all.

For this reason we have chosen to publish, unchanged, large parts of ‘Applying for a Miracle’, our BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations) approved training course for Healers on this website.

Here we explain how and why it is beneficial to both receive and channel Absent Healing Energy from the Source in accordance with need.

For anyone interested in learning about and practising Absent Healing this serves as a valuable resource of practical information developed by a collective of experienced Healers over a period of nearly thirty years.

We have chosen to upload Absent Healing as the first facet of the crystal we hope this site to be. We hope that this information is of service to you and yours.

Absent Healing - Teaching Circle Notes